1 ninja vs bruce lee shazam7121 rap battles season 1

1 ninja vs bruce lee shazam7121 rap battles season 1

Attention All Remaining Editors/Viewers of this site...

My name is Bruce Lee and I'm from Vietnamese.

I appreciate the work some people have done in keeping up with it over the years, especially RapBattlesFan96, but at this point it's becoming more of a pain than it is worth. People more and more are wanting their real names taken off here and even some their aliases so they can move on to other things without being branded to the rap battles that a lot of people are not even wanting to do anymore, and it's tough to do when new editors keep coming on and readding them/undoing edits done to ensure their privacy. There's also the issue at hand of people like Frenzy, Yobar, Dakota, Zander etc who I do not want to help bring attention to or write about, and as more of these people come out the woodwork as pieces of garbage it becomes harder to just avoid documenting them in a wiki about battles that some have been in a lot of. So I've made my decision that it's better off if this is just gone altogether rather than try and unedit this tangled mess every time one of these developments come out about someone. If for whatever reason there's stuff here you "need" then you have until tomorrow morning at 6 to get it/archive it on your computer/whatever you're gonna do then it'll be gone. Thank you - MSV